4 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you for this, Rasta teacher! I’ll definitely look into it and read the abstract. Too bad I’m not fluent in Swedish. ):

  1. Hi, I was just reading your hallowe’en costume article and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for how one could evaluate their costume idea to see if its appropriate. A series of yes/no questions or something to use as a tool perhaps?

    For example. My idea was to be a tradtional withc (green face, etc…) but, since I have a black sari from living in India I thought i might wear that, and use some indian motifs in my makeup. Would that be inappropriate? I thought it was just a classic costume with a twist until I saw this, now I’m concerned…

  2. I just want to say you have wrote a great post. Different cultures should live together in harmony and only in this way we would own a colorful and wonderful world.

    I am study English and I would learn from you. :)

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