I sliced my finger with a food processor slicer.

It was on accident. Last night, I was watching the Food Network and decided that I wanted to try and cook homemade potato chips. I did this once already, but instead I used a knife to cut the potato and they ended up rather thick. So, I decided, I would use the slicer that’s part of our food processor to slice thinly cut potato chips. That ended up being a very bad, careless idea.

On the last potato slice, I caught my middle finger between the blade and subsequently chopped off a large amount of skin on my finger,  just over the top knuckle. I was more in shock than anything else, and Josh was getting his Whites ready for the next day’s (today’s) inspection. We had to spend our time at the ER for most of the night and early morning to get my finger fixed.

And this is the reason why, besides what happened over the weekend (our car broke down on Saturday morning– but we got that fixed day-of. Yeah, it’s been a long weekend), I have been on hiatus from writing.

I promise to continue my writing tomorrow. I’ve been pretty dazed, and am still pretty much dazed (I’m at work too, having a real difficult time typing as I do this). But, it definitely was an experience. I really don’t know where I would be without my Josh. He really is my cornerstone, my bestfriend, and my everything. He was calm throughout the car breaking down and my hyperventilation cries, especially during the time blood was spurting out profusely and we had no bandages, no gauze, and only paper towels. I really was in a lot of shock last night. I hate blood.

I will catch up with you guys soon. I really do apologize for the hiatus.

– M


2 thoughts on “I sliced my finger with a food processor slicer.

    1. Yes! It healed completely after a few months. Say around 4–5? For the first month, my finger healed itself up but left a bump. The bump has went down after around 5 months. I hope you’re OK!

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