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From The Sincerest Form ]

Andrea BarrettI am always interested in the way stories are told and the uses we make of stories, and the fact that all history is a process of making narrative, whether we acknowledge it or not, and that all narratives have consequences, whether we acknowledge them or not. Lies have consequences, histories have consequences, anecdotes have consequences, even jokes have consequences. Stories mean something, and the ways they’re shared mean something. The ways we pass them to each other, truly or falsely, are very interesting to me. If there’s a place I repeat myself most in my work, I think that’s it. There’s something epistemological about storytelling. It’s the way we know each other, the way we know ourselves, the way we know the world. It’s also the way we don’t know: the way the world is kept from us, the way we’re kept from knowledge about ourselves, the way we’re kept from understanding other people.

Andrea Barret


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