One of the best inspirational quotes for me.

Well done! You are small yet so big! Nothing is unreachable for you! You are a dream come thru for your Dad. Hooray!

– My Uncle Dennis, who’s like my second dad.

My family is a big, fat Filipino family. All my uncles were a father (and mother too) to me. They raised all the kids–the cousins, the nieces, the nephews–as if we were their own. This is why my dad and my uncle’s praise means the world to me. And their sentiments are so heartfelt and full of old Filipino charm that I just love. I really miss my family. I really do.

Most of all, I really am thankful for this beautiful, supportive Filipino community here in the States. At times, I get frustrated with my community. Sometimes, it’s really hard to get people unified, but I guess that’s more of an human issue than anything else. I really am thankful for receiving the Miguel G. Flores Prize from the Philippine American Writers and Artists (PAWA), which is based in SF. I can’t believe I actually got into Voices/VONA. I can’t believe I’m actually doing the work and becoming something I really want to be.

God, y’know, I really am thankful.


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