locating our unexpected words: collaborative generating #8

Collaborative Manifesto Project: here.

“An unexpected, unpredictable movement” – Paul Ocampo

God met me on a redeye flight. I didn’t know where we were going.
I had a hard time locating our unexpected words. On the window,
its fingerprints wrote a manifesto of aluminum, and I didn’t know
how to respond. In the distance, between the folded linen clouds,
the sky bled a yellow, fluorescent light when God said we talked like
friends. In mad love, I said we were going north and goodbying.
I heard my voice tumble, tumble, growing slow, slow. It asked me
if I remembered kindergarten, when I told my father again and
again and again: where does God go when I’m sad? My father
never answered. So I finally sat up and asked the one next to me
where the gone things go, the words flying like motion, becoming
a heartbeat. The Invisible said everything churns, and I forgot
for one still moment that nonsensical words are beyond touch,
and hope burns slow from the outside in, crouched in the inevitable

Made from words of Chin-In, Todd, Mel, Hari Malagayo Alluri, Racruzzo, Evangeline, Yael, and everyone here.

Katagiri found a giant frog waiting for him in his apartment. […] “Call me ‘Frog,’” said the frog in a clear, strong voice.
Haruki Murakami


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