My poem was published in the Lantern Review! ^_^

Welcome to the third issue of Lantern Review. The modes and aesthetics of the poems collected in the following pages range widely: from lyric free verse (as in Sandra M. Yee’s “Weather that Asks for the Lighting of Candles”) to the rhymed and metrical (as in Vikas K. Menon’s “Tell”), to the impishly avant garde (as in Jen Y. Cheng’s “Peas of the Seas”). They play with white space and buck the notion of titles (e.g. Kim Koga’s “[O metal wing lengthen these]”), blend visual and verbal mediums (e.g. Monica Ong’s “Corona Mestiza”), delve into serial prose (e.g. Oliver de la Paz’s “Dear Empire” group), and—at times—hang on the weight of a single image (e.g. Melissa R. Sipin’s “Love Is”). They are diverse, daring, and at times, strongly divergent; nevertheless, we’ve come to believe that this is our strongest, most complex issue yet.

Peace and Light,
Iris A. Law and Mia Ayumi Malhotra

My short (but laden with imagery) poem Love Is has been published in the Lantern Review | Summer Third Issue… and it’s finally here! Ahhhh! Excuse me for my girlish giddiness, but I’m so effin’ stoked about it! The works found in this current issue are, sincerely, feats of brillance. The differing poems and artwork, which range from visually visceral to metafictional, experimental, thought-provoking, daring, and just plain brilliant, shed light on the complexity of poetry and its ineluctable relationship with the depths of human experience. I am very honored to be part of it.

So spread the word, dear readers!



2 thoughts on “My poem was published in the Lantern Review! ^_^

  1. This takes me back to the time when I used to write poetry and fiction. I remember the thrill and sense of accomplishment whenever I received an email with the words, “Your poem, (title), was accepted and will be published in the Fall Issue. Congrats!”

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