Dear Family & Friends,

During our trip back home in late August, Josh unfortunately had to receive medical attention due to a skin abscess, which resulted in a drainage procedure at the ER. During our time at the ER, we knew that this medical procedure could result in us changing our wedding plans, which it has because of Navy protocol. Josh was prescribed medicine by the ER doctor that his command at prototype saw as a possible infringement in receiving one of his chits for radiation, and as a result, Josh was put on hold for two more months in Charleston and will be classing up in October instead of September, meaning he will graduate in April instead of February. This has inevitably changed our wedding plans and as such, we changed the date to June 16th, 2012.

We have talked to our venue (a shoutout to Louise and Adele at Pala Mesa Resort, thank you SO much for being very accommodating), and everything’s a-go. We’ll make the necessary arrangements with our other vendors. We thought this was the best way of letting everyone know our change of plans–it is a lengthy explanation.

I will be sending out Save-the-Dates postcards in the mail by the end of week. If we do not have your house address, please message me on Facebook or email me. Thanks for being understanding!

Also, remember to check out our wedding website for any updates and changes. We miss you all!

With love,


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