“we come from places we have never traveled” | an ekphrasis poem

In the spirit of collaborative writing, this poem from my Daily Grind is written with nods to e.e. cummings’s poem “somewhere i have never travelled,” and Evelina M. Galang’s short story “The Look-Alike Women,” in her collection Her Wild American Self. I have also written it in response to my dear friend’s painting loveseat. from his depth of field series. If you have the time, please check out his online portfolio. He is such a great artist.

More on the Daily Grind: I joined an online writing group where we (a group of writers) have to write or revise something every day for the month of September. Lately, I have been rewriting some short stories here and there, but today I wanted to write something new. Please feel free to send me your thoughts, and thanks for reading!

loveseat. in field of depth series
by Emilio Venegas Jr.

we come from places we have never traveled

call us dark-skinned, lookalike women
our countenance is brown, muddy water
we resemble what you say we are

call us concubines with bright red heels
say our lips were only made for contact
we become what you say we are

but if we bear one of your own, remember this:
our daughters will have the same brown, muddy eyes
our daughters will bear the same red toes
and carry the same dark-skinned past

we, the lookalike women,
are born out of vastness
from the rib cages of a foreign land
raised in the same blue that carried
our mothers, our eyes convey their silence
we come from places we have never traveled
and like our mothers, when we go beyond
we never, never forget


3 thoughts on ““we come from places we have never traveled” | an ekphrasis poem

  1. Dear Young Lady, Hello from Columbus,OH. I wrote something a bit ago because an employer didn’t like the title to a poem I wrote never seeing the poem. It’s on wordpress.com:
    It’s interesting that too many can’t think outside of the “cat’s box”, but, that’s why there ARE the ‘brighter’ such as your self. Remember that the shite others leave “us” eventually turns into the fertilizers of better thought.

    1. Well, thank you so much for your support! I love the title, “Can a blue man sing the whites.” It’s quite lovely and hypnotic in its mystery. Thanks for sharing!

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