Film School or No Film School? | National Film Society

Our friend and TAYO-PSA director, Patrick Mendoza Epino, started a new project called the National Film Society with Stephen Dypiangco, and they need your help. Please spread the word! Patrick is really awesome and is such a doll. And, both him and Dypiangco are Filipino Americans… so that means you HAVE to support them, right? Just kidding. If you’re the type who loves the fact that more and more Filipinos are getting into the arts instead of pursuing medical/education/business degrees (there’s nothing wrong with those fields–they’re actually very, very important–I’m just saying not every Filipino should be a doctor / nurse / teacher / accountant-or-what-have-you, if you know what I mean), then please support these two! But more than that, they’re both really funny and are really cool people who know a lot about film and pursuing an MFA, so it’ll be good for you to know them too. (Dypiangco won an Oscar for his short film God of Love, and Patrick directed and wrote the very thoughtful, dark comedy film Mr. Sadman that was featured on The Independent magazine’s “10 Filmmakers to Watch,” and, well, I loved his first feature!) Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, watch their videos on Youtube, and check out their website. Thanks! You’re awesome for doing that. (:

Remember: National Film Society | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

And for good measure, below is Patrick’s PSA on TAYO Literary Magazine. We filmed it at his apartment in Los Feliz (love that part of LA, by the way, especially Skylight Books), and then we drove around Historic Filipinotown, stopping by our good friend Eliseo Art Silva’s mural. It was really, really fun to shoot it!


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