A very random poem! Enjoy.

Today, I am a swallow without wings.

I taste saltwater with my beak.
The ocean is warm like the sand that soaks
the sun. I am only a swallow without her wings,
no longer a part of the middle sky.
I fly only when the horizon meets the earth
between the spaces of morning. Night falls slowly
like silk. Day comes like a curling wave.

I walk on sands with my beak bent.
I am a swallow without wings, heading east.
I look for my wings along the holes in the sand.
I know it is a pensive trick, but this is what
I say to get by: “Look at the sky, and remember.”


2 thoughts on “A very random poem! Enjoy.

  1. Thank you for the STARS post…really great.

    In this poem, I especially love the title & first stanza. Brilliant image of the swallow no longer a part of the middle sky among many other evocative lines. Great extended metaphor. Each time I read it, I like it more. The last line is lovely. Wonderful poem. Thank you.

    1. Why, thank you, Elizabeth! This is one of the nicest things anyone said about my poetry. I wrote this poem after I went kayaking in Charleston’s Folly Creek. The nature here is just beautiful. Thank you for commenting!

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