My poem has been published in @KartikaReview for their Fall 2011 issue!

Hello dear readers!

I have exciting news! My poem, “My manifesto, my homecoming rain,” was featured in Kartika Review‘s issue 10! I’m very, very excited to have my work showcased in this important publication. I’ve been a fan of Kartika Review for quite some time, and I’m still bubbling over the fact my poem has been published by them. ^_^

More than that, this issue is packed with great stuff. Writer Anna Alves’s short story, “The Loves of Marcado Mercado,” is a fantastic magical realism piece. There is an great interview of author M. Evelina Galang, who penned one of my favorite short story collections, Her Wild American Self, and an excerpt of her upcoming novel is also in the issue. As a Filipino American writer, I’m really proud of this particular issue by Kartika Review. It has been published at such a fitting time too, as its works honor Filipino American History Month and the solidarity found among Asian American writers. The works that this issue has curated are eclectic and whimsical as they are riveting and powerful, and, again, I’m so proud to be a part of it!

You can purchase a copy of the print version here (a full-colored copy can be purchased here). Thanks for supporting, everyone!. ❤


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