Exciting news! Introducing TAYO’s third issue, new online and print editions. <3

TAYO Literary Magazine © 2011–2012, Issue 3
ISSN (print) 2164-0270, (online) 2164-0289

Online Edition | Print Edition

Dear TAYO supporters,

We are honored to introduce TAYO’s third annual issue to the literary and artistic community. TAYO has grown in ways that we couldn’t have foreseen at the beginning of this project.

Carrying over a similar, minimalistic design from our Issue 2, we have implemented two editions for our third issue. Both our online and print editions are visceral as they are eclectic, and we are excited to showcase wonderful artists and writers in our two different but connected formats. Please click on the links above to view our third issue.

Secondly, our reach has extended to all four corners of the globe. In fact, this issue’s call for submissions yielded entries from Canada, the UK, Singapore, Brazil, and Lithuania along with the consistent stream of pieces from the Philippines and around the US. The fact that TAYO has been able to establish this new global presence speaks to the power of networking, social media and, most importantly, the reality that the arts—both literary and visual—are still fundamental and life-enhancing to communities everywhere, capable of connecting people in ways that traverse geography, gender, ethnicity, and age.

On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for TAYO and the arts. We hope you enjoy our third issue!

In solidarity,

Kristine A. Co                                              Melissa R. Sipin
Executive Director                                    Creative Director

and Team TAYO


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