Yelp Review for Kanpai (Yummy ramen in the South!) <3

I had to post my Yelp review on this hidden gem Josh and I found today. I have to spread the news because this is big news (at least for us, anyways). We finally found the place to get our ramen fix in the South! This is amazing because Asian food here has become rather generic and unfortunate. Every Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, or Chinese restaurant we’ve been to in Charleston has either been a overly priced fusion sushi restaurant or a ugly combination of all Asian food—as if these four different and very diverse cultures had the same generic dishes just because we all love rice. It’s sad because the South isn’t too open when it comes to diversity in food. Don’t get me wrong—they have GREAT food in the South when it comes to Southern dishes and magnificent steakhouses (they even have fantastic seafood… Fish Restaurant in Downtown is a lovely, delicious place with beautiful décor, and FIG [Food is Good] Restaurant is one the best places I’ve ever eaten when it comes to fresh, local ingredients)—but when it comes to Asian food, the South does not do it right. That’s why I was so excited when we found Kanpai, a Japanese restaurant that’s a ramen shop and sushi place. We fell in love with it!

“As a Californian native, once I moved to Charleston (because of the Navy!) I thought it would be really, really difficult to find a great tasting ramen shop in the South… Luckily, I was wrong!

My husband and I had the chicken kaagare appetizer, which was delightful but not necessarily the best. My favorite chicken kaagare is still at Hakata Ramen in Los Angeles, California, but this chicken kaagare was good! Better than the other Japanese restaurants I dined at in Charleston.

I had the miso ramen and my husband had the tonkotsu ramen. What I love about tonkotsu ramen is all the preparation and love that’s put into making this beautiful broth; it literally takes 60 hours to make it. Both soups were very delectable and delicious! I loved the miso ramen and it had that salty, warm bite I was craving for. I was happy to see that the Post and Courier did a feature on this fantastic and quasi-authentic Japanese restaurant.

We’re planning to come back and try the sushi too. I have nothing but good reviews for this great restaurant, and I hope more people try their food too! Honestly, what I love about this restaurant is that it’s very true to Japanese food, more so than the other fusion Japanese restaurants we’ve tried in Charleston. It reminds me of home so much, and I’m so happy to have found this gem!”

via Yelp.

Please check out this wonderful restaurant. You won’t regret it!


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