Life is Randomness: A few NYE Resolutions

For this NYE, we had a lot of options. First, there was the New York NYE our friends were planning (we were down too), but it fell through because our friends ditched NYC for Big Bear (we’re all from Cali, so it’s a lot cheaper for them). Second, my good friend/maid of honor Kristine is flying to Florida to spend NYE with someone special (we thought about heading down South—farther South—too, but Josh has to go into Prototype for the weekend so… Bummer!). And third, I decided I would make some plans for this NYE. It’ll be a fancy dinner at home and then an awesome reggae concert at Music Farm in Downtown. The Movement is playing, and though I’ve never heard of them, their stuff is pretty bumpin’ on their website.

You know, this past year has been pretty random. We didn’t think our grad hold would be 8 months. 8 months! It’s usually only 2 to 4 months, for most other Machinist Mate Nukes. It’s a little crazy how everything happened, but life will throw anything at you. That’s another thing I learned in 2011!

This past Xmas was really random. If you check my Twitter/Facebook accounts, you’d see that a drunk guy crashed into three PARKED cars over the holiday. What sucks is that one of those cars was ours. Luckily, our accident wasn’t as bad as the car next to us and our insurance is taking care of our repairs.

But really, this whole thing has showed me how random and strange life is. Our car was parked in a private apartment parking lot at our friend’s house. Again, life will throw anything at you. I guess you really need to just keep rolling with punches.

Onto good news though. I recently found this stylist based out of my hometown, Los Angeles, and she’s super cute and helpful. This is just one of the videos I loved from her:

After watching a few more videos of hers, I realized… wow, I have a ton of good shit in my closet. Although fashion has always been a side hobby for me, I always loved certain things in styles but I could never emulate them because of my petite body and curvy frame. I’ve always hated my body size. Seriously. I grew breasts when I was 10 years old (pretty young I hear), and ever since then, I’ve always hated my bustiness. After watching her video, I realize: hey, I should play with my body frame and love it for what it is. (Btw, I’m on Xmas break from work, so I have a lot of time on my hands for this week). So, I walked upstairs and into my walkthrough closet, put some clothes out, did a mini-fashion show for me, and realized… Damn, I really do have a ton of good shit in my closet. Haha, I guess my problem has always been this: I loved fashion and bought awesome clothes and shoes, I just never really learned how to use them because of my distaste for my body frame. I needed someone to hold my hands for bit, tell me—hey, you may not have a long torso like 5’7″ girls, but you can still rock certain outfits!—and now I can let myself choose and be creative with whatever I have. I’m really amazed at how I used some basic items in my closet, like my little black dress, a burgundy cardigan, some old boots I never really wear, a leather jacket I like but didn’t know what to pair with, and an awesome brown skinny belt—and damn! It looked like I found my NYE outfit. It was cute, and I realize I had so many different looks with these basic clothing items for work and casual outfits. What inspired me was Christelle’s advice here:

You should really follow her. She’s pretty effin’ awesome.

So, here’s a few NYE resolutions for me:

1. Write more and read more (starting up another Grind for January).
2. Have more fun in dressing up and SAVE MONEY by using the amazing things I already have.
3. Have more fun in doing my make-up instead of doing the same ‘ol boring stuff I do since I was a kiddo.
4. Continue exercising and eating right.
5. Not take life too seriously, but remember how random it is and take the right precautions (like auto insurance).
6. Continue laughing and loving and learning and living.
7. Learn how to base my happiness in me and not in others (something I’m still having a hard time learning, but I’ll get there!).
8. Live graciously.
9. Remember and live this important, important quote: “Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having.”
10. Forgive others. Life is too short to hold grudges. If people hate me, then go ahead, I’m still going to smile and treat you with respect.

What are your NYE Resolutions? I never really believed in these things before, because I thought change was too hard. I was incredibly wrong as a child. I still have a lot of growing up to do, and I can’t believe I’ll be turning the big 2-4 in April. It’s crazy how quickly things change. Change is everywhere. Change is life. (:


One thought on “Life is Randomness: A few NYE Resolutions

  1. i love numbers 6 thru 10. Especially 9; I’ve done that a lot and it is freeing to just accept what is given and also not to spend energy pursuing love and attention where it isn’t freely given. Have fun in the NY.

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