My poem is featured on KPFA Free Speech Radio Berkeley (94.1FM)!

My poem, “Color My Tongue Tagalog,” is featured on KPFA Free Speech Radio Berkeley (94.1FM) Special Broadcast by Indo Pacific Radio: Pilipino Ourstory 2012: Martial Law (Legacy & Lessons).

Check it out here!


More from Indo Pacific Radio:

The 14 day archive is up on the KPFA website. We want to thank everyone who came in to the studio, called in and contributed their stories Saturday for our show Pilipino Ourstory 2012 on KPFA.

The convergence of energies and the grace of our ancestors guided us along and helped us tell these stories of Martial Law, Indigenous Rights, Arts, Music, Health and culture. We felt the energy of our listeners over the airwaves that night.

Thank you Ninotchka Rosca, CYNTHIA ALEXANDER, Humble Soul (Official), Dong Abay, Carol Ojeda-Kimbrough, Master Jay Loyola & Greg Manalo from Palau’an Bird Call Huni Ng Tandikan, Bai Liza Saway from Mothers of Peace in Mindanao, Laravic Flores, The Bladed Hand producer @Sonny Sison, Mari Reprado, Melissa Rae Sipin, Kat Socco, Teresa Opaon-Ali, Pedro Raies, Ilaya Malaya, M Leng Leng, Nick Alexander, and Bruddah K. Also Falcon, Lina, the people at Larsen Associates, the good people at UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA), Chris from Native Elements, DJ Aztec Parrot, Ritmo De Los Americas, and Con Sabor for letting us your time slot for Saturday Night.


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