here’s a poem, new york <3


“What is to give light must endure burning.”

— Viktor Frankl


maybe i’ll feel better tomorrow / isn’t the light burning, new york? / yesterday’s already gone, impressions still linger // how much longer will i pretend: / a women’s reputation is all she has / liked, not loved, is burning // tell me, skyscrapers / how many leaps have you felt? / toes lifting off, no more burdens / how many souls and their dimming lights // have reached the empty space between air and death / if i drop off tonight, will you remember me? // the light’s burning still, new york / i’m not there yet, not ever / if i’m remembered like joyce carol vincent / dead body in an apartment // i’d rather feel the air between my fingers / know the lights passing by me / like memories, these wounds // i’m alright tonight, new york / just tired–yes, i’m tired // like a god-damn mothering flame






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