a poem for one flesh

On Aug. 18, during Arab Spring, CVN-75 USS Harry S. Truman transited the Suez Canal. Egypt was seen burning in the distance.

yesterday, my husband saw the tanks line up the shore / just a feet away, the guns and the echoes of streets drown out // the bare silence // he saw it, he could touch it / here, this canal where earth kisses the sea / a metal city passes the protesters dying, / and in another moment / the same moment / it’s a drunk, ER-filled night in downtown vegas // i’m still here, sister, / haven’t you had enough? / marriage and two kids and a lost man crying no, no, no / no, no, no / and no.

it’s ironic, isn’t it / where human suffering will take you: // first the guns and the tanks / then a broken home.




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