Dream of Home



The heat came upon my body like a memory of Los Angeles, and into sleep I crawled, remembering the sound of the fan as he caressed the spine and sweat of my back — this brown body who was an extension of my body, who would become tied to me in marriage, who would run away with me to Vegas, who would enlist for desperation and forget the past of our brown bodies intertwined & intermeshed & murdered & colonized & forgotten & exhumed & the heat & the smell would bring me back to him–deployed, gone, numb, but here, within / without / my body / our bodies — the man whom I love and will only love — and I awake rejuvenated, cradled in that memory, in that sleep, in the darkness, the heat fleeting, and I carry on with the memories of home, of him, of heat buried in the belly and song.




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