October Readings! @LITCRAWL @LITQUAKE @KearnyStreet #APAture 2013


In October, I’m reading at three amazing events:

1. On 10/13, I’m reading at CASA LATINA at 3:30pm with Edwin LozadaAimee SuzaraElsa Valmidiano & other amazing writers. The event is hosted by legendary Avotcja Jiltonilro.

2. On 10/18, I’m reading at APAture 2013’s Literary Night at 50 MASON SOCIAL HOUSE at 7:00pm, hosted by Kearny Street Workshop. Other amazing writers, like Phiroozeh Romer, Amy K. Bell, Andrew Rogge & more, will be reading.

3. On 10/19, I’m reading at the biggest literary event in SF with my awesome Mills gal pals: LitCrawl Presents: WRITING FROM THE CUNT. I’m also hosting the reading Litcrawl+PAWA Present Barrio Fiesta.

See you there?
♥, m



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