Please Vote! M. Evelina Galang for the Teen Choice Book of the Year Award! <3


Vote for ANGEL!
Vote for ANGEL!


There’s Lola Ani, and she’s old—she’s a crone. She’s a wise old woman. She’s been through it all. And she, out of the three, has the most reason to be angry. She has the biggest right, the most sincere right to rage, but she’s not. She’s the most understanding, the most giving, she’s the one who nurtures everyone—that’s Lola Ani. And so, with that, her a voice has come from the comfort women I’ve met, who strike me as the very opposite of “victims,” who strike me as the ultimate heroines. The ultimate teachers. And it has always been part of my quest, in the conversation of this book and the screenplay that I began, to answer that question: what do these women have to teach us?”

— Preview of interview with M. Evelina Galang in 580 Split, author of ANGEL DE LA LUNA AND THE FIFTH GLORIOUS MYSTERY


This book shifted me in so many ways.

When I finished Angel de la Luna and the Fifth Glorious Mystery, there was a swell from my belly building up to my throat. My body shook without volition, I wanted to throw up: it was if the lolas’ stories entered my body. As if I were walking the dirt roads of Aringay, up to the Cordillera Mountains, past the banyan trees, settling on the shores of a deserted dagat. As if I could see my own grandmother swelling with my Aunt Lodi, locked in a nipa hut where a man and bayonet guarded the door. What stories may come when the past is ripped from within, what memories may come when you finish a Great Book. Thank you for writing this book, Até. With every bit of me: thank you, po.

If you have the time, please, please, please vote for ANGEL for the Teen Choice Book of the Year Award. ❤

“Angel, in many respects, reflects the humanity in all of us.”
— Review by Anita Lock in Teen Reads

Please vote here!




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