Upcoming Readings & Updates <3!


I’m working hard on my in-progress thesis, but I wanted to take a quick break and update my blog on some exciting news and events.

Upcoming readings in the Bay Area! Hope to see you there!

1. Eastwind Books of Berkeley Reading — Reading with Aimee Suzara and Genny Lim, celebrating the launch of their poetry collections! March 22, 2014 @ 3pm. More information here: Facebook Event.

2. Bernal Yoga Literary Series — Reading with Tom KealeyBrian Komei Dempster, and more! Celebrating the reading series’ 10th Anniversary Season. April 5, 2014. More information here: Website Event.

3. Under the Influence Reading at the Emerald Tabletmore information here (It might not be updated yet)! I was supposed to read this March 28th, but some scheduling conflicts came up. But it’s an amazing series and I’m super excited to read on April 25th. Many thanks to Jason Bayani for inviting me to read! ❤

Some exciting news lately:

1. I was accepted into the inaugural Kundiman’s Fiction Intensive at Fordham University in NYC! It’s scheduled on 3/29-3/30 with Catherine Chung and Porochista Khakpour.

2. I’ve been nominated for the Amanda Davis MFA Thesis in Fiction Award. It’s the highest honor I could receive from my MFA program, and I feel very blessed. The other candidate is a wonderful writer I’ve highly respected over the past two years. Whoever wins doesn’t quite matter: I’m just honored to be nominated.

3. I guest-blogged at Emily Breunig’s blog series, The Loyalty of Water. I entitled it: “Why Write?” I wrote it during AWP and felt throbs of anxiety during that week, so the piece is a little choppy. But I hope you sincerely enjoy it, and hopefully we can wring out the problems of the writing world together. Read it here: The Loyalty of Water: Why Write?

4. My first creative nonfiction piece, “Tita, I’m Home,” was published in the inaugural issue of Plural: An Online Journal of Prose. Read more here: Issue One.

That’s all folks. No big news, lots of rejections lately, and tons of rumors regarding my husband’s ship and their homecoming. But: I’m writing. I’m doing the hard work. I’m trying: loving kicking screaming being along the way. ❤


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