Missing the Bay… Past readings in SF

Hello dear ones,

Because of the hectic cross-country move, VONA/Voices Conference, MFA graduation, and crazy-planning of VONA’s 15th Birthday Party, I haven’t been able to update my blog lately on my past readings. But there’s two special readings I wanted/needed to share. I wanted to personally thank Evan Karp for believing in my writing and for helping me find community in SF. I terribly miss the Bay, and cannot thank The Emerald’s Tablet’s “Under the Influence” and Quiet Lightning enough.

The first piece is something I wrote after Roberto Bolaño. I’m a little obsessed with him, and you’ll see why before I read. (P.S., I was incredibly nervous; so, of course, I meant Latino writers, not Latin writers. Ah! So embarrassing!) The second piece is a response I wrote based on the social media whirlwind after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) barreled through the Visayans. I really hope you enjoy both pieces.

With love and light,

“Mercy” (An Excerpt) | Under the Influence @ The Emerald Tablet | April 2014

“They Call Us Resilient” | Quiet Lighting @ the New Parkway Theatre | May 2014


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