Thank you, Anna!

I am currently fundraising for my upcoming Bread Loaf Conference in August and writing residency in Tuscany, Italy.

To read more about the fundraiser, please go here.

With all my heart, I want to thank those who donated. Maraming salamat po. After someone donates, I write a poem in thanks. I hope you enjoy my silly poems.

Again, with all my heart, thank you so much!

For Anna

Anna Kovatcheva, Anna Kovatcheva,
I don’t know why every time I say your name
I hear Anna Karenina singing in my head.

You know, I hated that book in undergrad
But when I think of the birds in your story
Of the stork master, of the winged creatures
Who come in March and leave at summer’s end
Of the mythos of Kokoshevo
I sing your name: Anna Kovatcheva, Anna Kovatcheva…

I’m in New York City and walk the streets of Brooklyn
And look at all the sparrows who hop on the ground
I smile and think of you. I think of history’s
Greatest lovers: Tristan and Isolde, Orpheus and Eurydice,
Bogart and Bacall.

And think of how every love rivals against history
Especially our love for books, for creating.

I thank that our love for books
Brought us together, somehow.

I think of the writing world–how small it is
I’m so thankful for its smallness,
for gifting me friends who I can name
as strange as me.

I think of how your pen is like the flight of birds
In a week I’ll travel south, back to Virginia
And look at the Atlantic and its crashing waves
Maybe you are seeing the same sky as me
Maybe you’ll see the same birds flying south
And I know one day I’ll read your words in a book
And thank the heavens that I could tell my children:

Hey, I know this writer. I know Anna Kovatcheva
Anna Kovatcheva, Anna Kovatcheva, and not
Anna Karenina. But the one and only Anna Kovatcheva.


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