Thank you, Grace!

I am currently fundraising for my upcoming Bread Loaf Conference in August and writing residency in Tuscany, Italy.

To read more about the fundraiser, please go here.

With all my heart, I want to thank those who donated. Maraming salamat po. After someone donates, I write a poem in thanks. I hope you enjoy my silly poems.

Again, with all my heart, thank you so much!

For Grace

I still think of the small boy you told me about.
His small frame, his mother abroad, unknown.
His heart open, his intuition poignant, his love
of small places to hide in, his body understanding
that he is unmothered too, just like me.

I wonder aloud: does he love shoe closets like me?
Can his boy body fit in that small, dark place
like how my girl body fit in that small, dark place
where the world became quiet and still
where the yearning inside finally stopped
like waves no longer crashing on the shore.

I think of him and know he will be fine
I think of that family picture you shared on Instagram
And how happy you looked, how family can remind us:
This is home.

Home is so complicated. I think of the beautiful tiny
home you built with your partner. About all the love
that must have been put into the walls.
How love brought two people together to lay down
the floor panels, put up the walls, build a bed,
build a life.

This is easy to say: your love inspires me.
Your love of life, for others, for the world
that surrounds us.

When I think of L.A., of home,
I no longer become frighten. Instead,
I think of people like us, who packed our bags
built our homes whenever we walked.
That is revolutionary to me.
The love you exhume, illuminate
is revolutionary to me.


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