Thank you, Jaena!

I am currently fundraising for my upcoming Bread Loaf Conference in August and writing residency in Tuscany, Italy.

To read more about the fundraiser, please go here.

With all my heart, I want to thank those who donated. Maraming salamat po. After someone donates, I write a poem in thanks. I hope you enjoy my silly poems.

Again, with all my heart, thank you so much!


For Jaena

Jaena Rae, with share the same middle name:
I don’t know what it means. Rae for sunshine?
Who knows. We may share the same name
but not the same height! (Sucks for me.)

When I first met you, I was a girl who wore
black Chucks and you were one of the cool kids
who hung out with the boys who played pool.

When we discovered we both loved books,
we found that we shared a whole world.

Sometimes I wish I had your height. But on most days,
I just miss our conversations about Batman,
over gray, pink skies of San Francisco, or how
Japantown reminded us of home.

Carson could never keep us. But that world we share,
it keeps growing, anew, broken, never able to keep us.

We ran away from home not because we needed to.
We keep running and running, following where the wind
or where the sun and its rays lead us
only because we can.

We run only because we can. Like our love for books,
for worlds unknown, for lands with broken hearts,
we loved them because we could. Because it was our choice
to love and to give and to run.
Because we could. Because we did. Because we can.


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