Freelance Design & Editing

I have extensive graphic design experience in website design and print publications, and I served in editorial and production positions at a range of organizations, including Poets & Writers Inc., Arcadia Publishing, and VONA/Voices Conference, among others. In 2009, I cofounded TAYO Literary Magazine, a literary journal focused on issues of identity and social justice. I co-edited Kuwento: Lost Things (Carayan Press 2014), and I am currently a member of the Board at PAWA Inc. I provide freelance graphic design, editorial, and copyediting services. For inquiries, please send me a message via the Contact page.

[ Please note: I am currently looking for freelance work. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you soon. ]

Examples of Website Designs

Design Portfolio
Cover Designs:
TAYO Issue 5_FrontCover_Front Cover     Print
Official Design Portfolio
Promotional Flyer for Workshop

Professional Resume

Writing Samples
“But This Body: It Remembers — The Intergenerational Workshop Exchange,” Poets & Writers Inc.
“What Poetry Pulls Out Of You — Working with Seniors at EnGAGE,” Poets & Writers Inc.
“The Fiction of Our Experiences: An Interview with Mia Alvar,” Asian American Writers’ Workshop
“Kuwento: New Philippines Myths,” Asian American Writers’ Workshop
“Kuwento: Lost Things,” Kweli Journal
“From the Belly to the Throat — On the Kweli Journal Confrence,” Kweli Journal
“The History of What We Do to Each Other: On Nayomi Munaweera’s What Lies Between Us,” Los Angeles Review of Books

Press Releases
Kuwento: Lost Things
The Louise Meriwether Book Prize by TAYO Literary Magazine and The Feminist Press